What is Stratiteq Hack?

It is a yearly design sprint-like event, where developers, solution architects, data scientists and designers in software development collaborate intensively on innovative software solutions. The goal of Stratiteq Hack is to create an innovative data-driven software solution for a defined business challenge, and in the end – to create real business impact for you.

Why is this for me?

This hackathon event will give you the opportunity to see how one of your business challenges can be solved by combining your data with modern technologies and techniques. We offer know-how, craftsmanship, business focus, experience and passion worth 200 000 SEK or more during the Stratiteq Hack weekend. With a future potential to far more gains. Are you using your full data potential and taking the leading position that you deserve? Maybe there is still potential left that you are not aware of? Join Stratiteq Hack and find out!

When does it start?

Stratiteq Hack takes place the 22nd and 23rd of April and we need your business case application by the 6th of March. Read more about the different pre-, during and after activities below.

What do I bring to the table?

Our job is to discover the true potential of  how your data can work for you, in the challenge you stand before. We want to make a difference for you. To do so, we ask for a couple of need to knows, and some nice to haves. It all starts with a simple business case that can look something like this:

”We are a delivery company that delivers packages all around the city. We would like to know if there is some way to optimize the delivery process.”

”We have data about orders, delivery times, drivers, GPS positions of the vehicles and vehicle types.”

How do I get one of the seats?

We offer four exclusive seats to this year’s edition of Stratiteq Hack and will make a selection based on the applied business cases. The winning cases are selected through the lens of the following criteria’s: Ability to innovate, Ability to be data-driven and Quality of the provided data. You can always contact us for more information or questions, we are happy to help.

Already trusted by leading brands in earlier edition's of Stratiteq Hack:

Anything else I need to know?

There are no strings attached. If you wish, we can help you move further. After the Stratiteq Hack, we hope to have brought you fresh insights of possible future solutions.

We ensure that all companies’ data will be handled confidentially, and that the participating companies and organizations are not in direct competition with each other. The provided data will only be used for the Stratiteq Hack purpose and remained in your ownership. Your data will be deleted after the final presentations.

When and what?

Deadline for submitting your business case. ✍️

Find out if one of the seats is yours when the chosen participating companies are presented on Stratiteq’s LinkedIn.

17 MAR
Kick-off where you present your business case for the hackers at the Stratiteq Malmö office or online.

10 APR
Your team will have had some time to start thinking about your challenge and it is time for a Q&A-meeting with your devoted Hack-team(s). 🤓

22-23 APR
Stratiteq Hack takes place. Our hackers work hard on the solutions and you, or your colleagues, are digitally available during two time slots for questions.

28 APR
All solutions are submitted on the last day of Stratiteq Hack, but today the Stratiteq jury decides, and shares prizes, to the winning teams of the categories Most Innovative Solution and Most Data Driven Solution. This happening is for the participating hackers only – but feel free to send winning energies to your favorite team. 🏆

18 MAY
It is time to uncover your new potential, welcome to an exciting presentation of your possible new solutions. 🎉

Participating in Stratiteq Hack was a rewarding experience for us. It was a great opportunity to get new sets of competent eyes to digest and innovate around our business challenge. And it also helped us in how we think about how to use the possibilities that lays in our data in general. We are happy about the opportunity to talk to Stratiteq about the capabilities that they can offer in our journey towards a data-driven future, and the enthusiasm that we have met from all the people participating from Stratiteq."

Mattias Wemming
Mattias Wemming Campaign Manager, Öresundsbron

Want to know more?

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Head of Client Delivery
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Head of Architecture
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